Wednesday, 13 February 2013


I have left this blog for years, though if there's anyone still out there,  HELLO and i'm inviting you all to hop over to my new blog, which I am working and working on :)

Here it is!

ENJOY,  join, and don't be strangers :)

Keep warm                                       On my NEW blog you can find out how to make red hot choc...

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

It's all about Topshop in this post, mostly

Bon-day everyone.
Happy 50th anniversary of the first human spaceflight! Our friend Google has enlightened us with this reminder, and I really really like the Google-sign-logo thing to match the occasion - pretty cool.

But a couple of days ago, I was just lazing around in the sun with one of my closest friends, and she took me to a shop where they sell loads of cheap (probably because last season) jewellery from Topshop and such. Literally for £2/£3 as opposed to the usual £8/£10/£12 price tag/range. I thought this was an amaaaazing opportunity to spend what babysitting money I have on things i'm obsessed with. And this was my favourite find...

I'm quite into owls and things at the moment :)

And I love these blue stoney things you get on jewellery...lately i've seen quite a lot of it around

Topshop targets breast cancer
I was notified about this via Twitter, and thought it's a great idea. Their intentions are obvious so i'll cut that and you can view the official website for this HERE for more info and intereseting shabang. But they've also inspired us girlies with different ways of pulling off the look. I think there's something for every gem...

I'm reading this book at the moment. I'm not really into horror or whatever novels, (erm, check the cover) but as this is considered a gothic romance, (in fact, apparently the best after Bronte's Jane Eyre) I decided to give it a go. I'm finding the description of nature a bit overwhelming, but, hey ho, I'm only 20 pages or so in and that may change...

For now, I shall say bye ♥

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Daffodils, Charity and Blossoms

Hey everyone

Today was such an amazing day...Something someone once said to me has been replaying in my mind for a while and since then, everyday is just a blessing.

But anyway, I went into a charity shop today, entirely out of curiousity - I always do this because you never what you may find. Plus the fact I never regrest spending money because it's donated fora cause. Today I was particularly lucky though, and found two beaut dresses - one from Topshop and one from Miss Selfridge ..both for £3, which I think can be called a bargain. I also found a cute violet pouch from No7.

I've been listening to Kings of Leon quite a lot...Especially Pyro and Back Down South which are both great songs - really inspiring!
To partner the loooovely (to say the least) weather, I have daffodils living in my room . . . I love waking up to these in the mornings
I think you should all have some kind of fresh flowers to fill your rooms!

I've been out and about lately, for both fitness and enjoyment I can't resist the beaut weather which is working really well on my mood lately...I love cherry blossoms and was happy to spot some on my way...
I think these will colour my future garden for defo

And I saw this in someone's front yard - so sweet! But I mainly love the petals which have fallen around it...Mr Gnome looks really pleased, with the tulips and all

I hope you're all finding inspiration out and about! I only came back to Blogspot the other day and have already got another follower so, merci!

Will write soon ♥

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Yes, this is what often happens with me and blogging - I tend to go off for a while. But this time I really did abandon Blogspot for a good few months. I suppose the only reasoning I'll offer is that life has been a bit of a rollercoaster, to say the least...
But, seeing as I'm done with coursework for the year (which doesn't erase the fact I have exams cluttering my thoughts) I decided to attempt take number 5534261 to blogging.

Although, I didn't abandon Blogspot completely - every now and then I'd tune in to Studmuffin which, as of now, is practically the only blog I read. But as I'm re-entering the blog world, I will be seeking new blogs to explore, so link me with those :)

Though here's a pretty daisy for each one of you who decides to read my blog again...

I shall be creating more interesting post once I get back into it...Any requests?
Today I've decided to begin yet another diet - though, I enjoyed a hot chocolate this afternoon at Costa which gives you a clear indication of my progress so far....If progress you can call it

Anyway, sharing the love

P.s Drinking water and munching on a banana.